Twisting a brief to make something unexpected…..


Shot in London during our lunch break, this video wasn’t expected by the client. How could this be possible ?

Answer: We had been filming sit down interviews of senior management, part of our brief from agency ThinkSo was to get everyone to sign off with ‘My name is INSERT NAME and We are KCG’ so we did this as requested.

However, we thought it might be fun to move around the office and quickly get a mix of people to say this statement directly to camera in a very relaxed and informal way. It was an idea cousin Adrian had whilst filming the other more 'serious content' mentioned above.

We then cut this new content into a fast and friendly edit. KCG loved the end result and used this as part of a major recruitment drive.  It revealed an open, dynamic and friendly culture.

The cousins are always looking for ways to add value for you, so this was created for fun once everything else was signed off.

We also delivered stills content as clients typically need content to work across all media platforms.

Supplying Video and Stills at the same time meant we created a consistency across all visual content, it also meant less disruption to the business.

No-One here is a model or actor, these are real people working within KCG and of course real expressions : )

Here’s one of the longer form videos delivered, this focus’s on the culture within KCG. When recruiting, these firms are up against Google, Apple, Facebook etc. The environment and internal culture is critical to attract the best applicants.

The people at KCG were so awesome that Virtu Financial purchased the company last year.

Here’s what our client had to say about the project:

"It's rare to find a team who is so much fun and yet so completely professional - and whose work is SO. DAMN. GOOD. These guys are the real deal."

Elizabeth Amorose, Partner, ThinkSo