Travel with a Goat / Insight TV


When you get a call from your cousins over at Way To Blue to say there’s an exciting new TV series starting on Insight TV called “Travel with a Goat” and would we like to be involved in producing some influencer-led social video content. We couldn’t help but be curious.

The project took us to Berlin and Amsterdam, as well as London, and involved filming instagram influencers watching the first episode in a ‘GoogleBox’ style to gain insight into the how each of the markets responded to the twists and turns in the show.

There were also a number of fun PR stunt that took place in each of the cities involving life size model goat and huge inflatables, a lot of fun.

We cut a long play version of the influencer video which included footage from the show to help guide the audience, and then shorter teaser content with just influencer reactions.

The videos were to be release in three markets, so subtitling in German, Dutch and English were required and all the different pieces of content were delivered in 1:1 square, portrait (9:16) and the traditional 16:9 landscape format.

We’ve provided examples of these for you to look through.

A quick footnote. Remember when drones shut down Gatwick Airport for a few days before Christmas? Anyone remember the film Planes, Trains and Automobiles with John Candy and Steve Martin?

Our cousins Joe and Luke were on the final leg of a week long trip round Europe filming for Travel with a Goat, it’s the day before Christmas Eve with the final leg of their trip being a flight back to Gatwick…. that was cancelled. Alex was producing this project, and immediately worked out a plan B, but it was high risk.

Filming finished in Amsterdam at 7pm, ferry departed Hoek of Holland at 10pm, over 100 miles away from the city centre. A train wouldn’t get them there fast enough so the only option was a taxi. Alex calculated they’d get to the port by the skin of their teeth, but it was absolutely nail bitting stuff. Failure to make the ferry would mean an absolutely horrendous journey by hire car through Belgium and France to catch a Eurostar first thing in the morning. No guarantee they’d get a ticket either, as every man and his dog was trying to find alternatives to the chaos the drones had caused in Gatwick.

News from the Taxi was scarce and then Alex got a call from a dutch number. “Hello, I’m Julia, I’m calling from the check-in desk at the Port. Luke and Joe haven’t arrived yet and I have to close the gate in 5 minutes”

Oh sh&t. Alex begged and pleaded for compassion and a little extra time, explaining everything that’d happened to our cousins whilst channeling John Candy. Julia was sympathetic, understanding even, but firm, the rules are the rules, and we got that, and didn’t loose it like Steve Martin.

Our cousins arrived outside the terminal building 5 minutes late, but Julia was there with her electric buggy to whisk them straight to the boat. They literally boarded the Ferry as the plank was going up. To quote them, it was about 5 inches up.

The margins between success and failure were so fine, but sometimes, you just need a little Christmas spirit to get you across the line.

If you think all the drama happens in front of the camera you’d be mistaken :-)