Transforming the skies / Air Partner


Air Partner introduces £1 million JetCard. The ultimate gift for the person who has everything: (almost) unlimited private jet travel.

Million Pound JetCard, businesses are always looking for original ways to get positive media attention, this was one of those ideas. Background: JetCard enables users to load up credits on the card which can then be used for private jet hire. Imagine receiving this at Christmas.

Our task was to create some photographs which reflected the luxury nature of such a gift. It was important to light and compose this in a subtle way, re-enforcing the super high end such a luxury such a gift would represent.

It was a tremendous success, the supplied images were picked up in the press and online, it just shows again the strength of a simple idea with strong visual execution.

Our relationship with Air Partner started with creating a video helping Mark their CEO speak to investors about the performance of the business and recent activities. We combined live filming with simple motion graphics to re-enforce key points. Turn around on this was very quick as it needed to be released as soon as the end of year numbers came in.

Screenshot 2019-03-13 at 20.19.50.png

Air Partner has been acquiring other businesses in recent times, in order to aid these transitions we created internal content which spoke to people about the culture of the company moving forward and to further re-assure regarding the direction of travel for the business. People tend to believe what they see, this is one of the key strengths of video as a communication tool. This images with a mix of people is from one of these internal comms, we can’t share it because it’s errrrr… internal.

We only spent a day down in Gatwick, a very productive and long day. There’s something exciting and magical about aircraft, maybe it’s something to do with the idea a 300ton plane flying is almost counter-intuitive.

Thanks to careful planning of the day, we managed to obtain enough footage for a variety of edits. Furthermore we now also have a bank of ‘B roll’ which will be used in future videos with Air Partner.

Here’s what our client had to say about the project:

"Alex and Adrian have become a trusted partners to our marketing and communication team. They consistently deliver video and stills content on time, on budget and on brand in a professional, integrous and creative way. The time they've taken to understand our business and the Air Partner brand is evident in their considered responses to briefs and in the work they produce. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to other businesses."

Julia Timms, Chief Marketing Officer, Air Partner Plc