The Future of Energy / Limejump


From concept to completion, we worked directly with energy company LimeJump to create this dynamic and engaging 3D animation.

The schedule within which we had to produce this was a challenge, so enrolling the team at Limejump to providing timely feedback was key to keeping the process moving along.

During pre-production we invested time and energy in educating the client around the animation process, how it differed from live filming, and how their decisions at the beginning of the project would be carried through to the final video. This was critical to keeping the project on time and in budget.

The video has been incredibly successful, with over 400K views and counting on Youtube.

There are four stages to the animation process, research, pre-production, production and post production. On the surface this seems the same as live filming however, the milestones are very different.

In live filming you can usually overcome changes and amendments in production and post-production without suffering delays or an increase in costs but in animation, changes made to decisions taken in pre-production will almost always have repercussions to the production schedule and cost.

The team at Limejump really got onboard with this and were open to discussing the relative merits of each decision they made, but most importantly, they valued and trusted our teams opinion and remained confident in the vision for the project set out during the research phase.

The key to all of this was clearly showing our intention during pre-production. Starting with styleframes then on to storyboards, motion tests and finally animatics. We’ve provided examples to show how animation projects are built up in stages.

Check out our Animation Process Guide to find out more.

Lastly, and probably what we’re all most proud of is the sound. Commissioning a composer to write the music and also collaborate with the animation team on sound effects really elevated the quality of the project. For your interest, we referenced the soundtrack to Tron Legacy, by Daft Punk as a start point.

Example Motion Test

Example Animatic

Example render of the final Logo reveal

Here’s what our client had to say about the project:

“We presented a difficult concept to My Perfect Cousin, bring the unseen to life. We deal with electricity and energy, the key was to visualise something almost never seen. Working with the MPC team allowed us the ability to bring our passion to life and present a world of the future, now. 400,000k views on youtube and counting means the rest of the world can now see what we feel.”

Joshua Greedy, Marketing, Limejump