Mastering the Magic of Light / Panasonic Viera


We worked with the funky folk at Brave agency in London. The brief required us to film in London and Lisbon Portugal. In Lisbon we filmed a green screen of the young girl at the end of the clip pulling the sun down through the sky. In London we filmed another green screen treatment with the musician on stage performing to a packed house of several thousand people.

In reality, this was actually a crowd of 20 people (extras) whom we moved around to various strategic positions and filmed in sections to then build up into a composite image creating the perception of 1x huge audience. This was technically challenging and fun to work on.

We also filmed the reverse angle so we see the lead singer/guitarist from the front and then do an action cut as he punches the air. In addition we picked up extra B roll which was used in the various edits.

We love to see behind the scenes, so here’s a few pics from London and Lisbon.

Capturing behind the scenes is a great way for us to show what we do, but also a great way to show an alternate perspective to a campaign. It can access audiences who may be hard to reach through actual campaign content.