Dare to Bare / Bluebella


Lingerie fashion brand Bluebella decided to celebrate London Fashion week with something a little quirky, they held a catwalk fashion show in one of the busiest junctions in the world. Oxford Circus London.

These women are not professional models, Bluebella dared their social media community to take part in the show. Real girls, who simply wanted to push boundaries and revelled in their spirited confidence.

This was a super fun shoot, and the campaign got a great response over social and in the press.

Cousin Adrian was called over to a nearby Police armed response unit, not sure what to expect he approached them with a smile:

“Everything ok?” Adrian asked

“OH YES!” was the pleasant reply, “We just wanted to know roughly how long you’ll be filming for?” they enquired :-)

We had to work quickly for a number of reasons, we also knew our position in regards to the law, whenever possible we make it our duty to understand all of the implications of any filming exercise.

Here’s what Bluebella had to say

“Alex, Adrian and the team at My Perfect Cousin are great to work with. They have grown to become one of Bluebella’s most trusted content production solutions”

Emily Bendell, CEO, Bluebella