Amber Davies / Bluebella Swimwear


After winning last years 'Love Island' Amber has gone forward to form a series of clever brand alignments, we created a number of short teasers in the lead up to her Bluebella Swimwear launch.

Bluebella is a business on the rise, who intelligently use social media to promote their brand and products.

Their social engagement is the envy of many competitors, they continually come up with fresh ideas to help sell new and excellent product lines.

We filmed behind the scenes of a stills shoot commissioned by Bluebella, our brief was to create a series a short form social clips, Instagram was the primary target platform so the majority of work was delivered in Square 1:1 format, with a couple of HD 16:9 clips provided too. This ensured Bluebella had content to populate all platforms.

To build online interest and engagement there was a series of teaser videos released prior to the new swimwear range’s launch. These teasers hinted at, but never fully revealed Amber or the new designs. They were simply conversation starters leading up to the final reveal.



We filmed this in London and Yes it was a HOT day, check out the BTS we actually setup an umbrella over the camera to keep it in the shade.

Here’s what Bluebella had to say about the project:

“Great supporting content delivered as wanted, on time, on budget and on brand! Really captured the fun of the collab plus showcased the gorgeous products really well. Great job.”

Emily Bendell, CEO, Bluebella