People usually watch because they want to learn or be entertained

It’s not about selling, it’s about sharing.  Sharing makes the cousins happy; we want to passionately communicate your message with authenticity and care.  

From 5 seconds to 50 minutes, to a live broadcast, the question is what and how do you want to share your story? Some messages are perfect for a live transmission whilst others work better with a different approach.  

Our in house expertise across all areas of video production mean we can help you from start to finish. We are full service cousins.

InterContinental200 / Way To Blue

We created this Video for InterContinental Hotels with a number of Stills, they had commissioned artist Alexander Hall to create an Artwork to celebrate the opening of their 200th Hotel. Or job was to document the story of this creation. Working with the amazing team at InterContinental and one of our favourite agencies WayToBlue.

Usain Bolt / WE ARE Spectacular 

This is just one clip of a number we made with the legendary Usain Bolt for his London Restaurant 'Tracks and Records' He was fast, but not fast enough for our cameras.

We Are KCG / ThinkSo 

Shot in London during our lunch break. It was an idea cousin Adrian had whilst filming the other more 'serious content' The cousins are always looking for ways to add value for you, so this was created for fun once everything else was signed off. The client loved the end result and used this as part of a major recruitment drive. 

Giorgio Locatelli / Italian Chamber of Commerce

Recently created as part of a series of videos for the Italian Chamber of commerce. Giorgio was an absolute pleasure to work with, his passion, knowledge and professionalism made this a dream job. Oh yes the food was pretty good too.

Amber Davies / Bluebella Swimwear

After winning last years 'Love Island' Amber has gone forward to form a series of clever brand alignments, we created a number of short teasers in the lead up to Swimwear launch.  Most of which were filmed and finished in a square format.  Amber was a delight to work with.   

Sounds Delicious / Looks Delicious

This is a super fast and dynamic edit, sound is  half the picture of any movie. Cousin Lajos really went to town in this treatment, great sound design and a rich colour treatment. I'm getting thirsty. 

A Unique Journey / The Piano Works

Customer journey,  the idea we had was simple, let's show the preparation and then the fun. In other words 'The Piano Works' takes care of everything so you can enjoy the night. 

Atelier 20 / Astro Lighting

A challenging shoot, it's almost entirely filmed in macro. The beautiful and highly reflective surfaces also present interesting opportunities and tricky  problems to solve. This was a departure from the usual videos Astro creates, they were a delight to work with.  

Taking the Leap Sizzle / Conde Naste

 It was a leap year, and the ancient tradition in England is that Women can propose to men.

Of course anyone can propose at anytime to their partners Male or Female these days. Nonetheless this was great fun thanks to Conde Nast Brides Magazine. This is just the short sizzle we created to support the longer form content, which received record views on social. 

Cocoon Cinema / Cocoon

The idea here was to create an event whereby new mattress maker Cocoon would take over a whole cinema, replacing the seats with mattresses. This film would then play as people got comfortable. 

Cousin Adrian worked as DOP, delivering stills and video with the dynamic creative duo of Amy&Hayley from SLG Manchester.

Christmas Campaign / Amazon Launchpad

Working with the lovely team at 'Way to Blue' we turned this brief around in 10days.

We were already busy but loved the idea, in addition to the UK, localised versions were sent out to Germany, France and Italy. 

London Fashion Week / Bluebella

Lingerie fashion brand Bluebella decided to do something a bit more unusual for London Fashion week this year, so they held a lingerie catwalk show in one of the busiest junctions in the world. Oxford Circus London.

Please note, these ladies are not professional models, they have been cast by Bluebella and simply wanted to do something a bit unusual. 

Artists Profile / Danny Lane

Danny is a truly inspirational sculptor, unique in his vision and process.

After filming this we created a much longer piece for Bloomberg TV working with Northern Town Productions. 


Bespoke / Kent Haste

Terry Haste and John Kent are two of the finest tailors on Londons famous Saville Row, their client list includes several royal families (English and international) and many A list celebrities.  

Nonetheless they remain charmingly down to earth and great fun.