The eye of an artist meets the brain of a programmer

Leveraging vision, craft and software to create engaging outcomes.  We love visual effects magic, from mesmerising Cinemagraphs, full motion graphics projects to a green screen composite, it's up to you. 

We cousins pride ourselves on suggesting the best solutions for your story and then executing at the highest levels, messages often become stronger and more memorable with a touch of magic.


VFX Reel

This is a quick mix of things we've done for our client cousins, sometimes subtle sometimes obvious, from complete motion graphics to enhancing video content. 

Limejump / The Future of Energy

From concept to completion, we worked directly with energy company LimeJump to create this dynamic and engaging piece of motion graphics. We created all visual and audio assets (except their Logo) A fun projection with a great client.


Sometimes you just need to do something with a twist to make a straight forward message more interesting. This also increases the chances of something getting shared. The cousins love sharing.

Studio 88

Super Quick social cut. We made this for live music venue  Studio88, the mix of styling, make-up, lighting and a kitsch visual trick help this fit the slightly retro brand.  

Cousin in the Kitchen

Just like chefs and food, we are always testing for interesting visual flavours. This helps in two ways, it informs us how to create something original and gives us something new to show you. 

First ever! Cinema-graph

The first time we created cinemagraphs, the results were so spectacular that cousin Adrian was invited onto Britain's Next Top Model as a guest photographer, this was the first time they’d been used in the TV program. One first leads to another.