Locations, Tennis Balls and Why We Care

We often film on location, this means working in client offices, private homes, industrial, scientific spaces or simply outside on the street, beach, forest, mountains and everywhere in between.

In all of these circumstances we take utmost care, not just from a Health & Safety point of view but also in order to obtain the best visual result.

It’s critical to give everyone who comes into contact with the filming/shoot the best possible experience. When we film on your behalf we become an extension of your brand, as such we recognise the importance of a positive experience for everyone.

Our crew are chosen not just on technical and artistic ability but also on their interpersonal or soft skills. This fosters an environment of collaboration and trust, both of which ultimately lead to a measurably better end result.

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter…. like tennis balls!? ↓ 

Putting tennis balls on the ends of stands to prevent marking a floor (check out the image below on the Left), importantly these small things have a big impact as it sets up a philosophical approach for everyone to observe. Furthermore this simple act re-assures whomever is in charge of the location, that we really do care.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what someone else had to say…

“My Perfect Cousin, what a delight to have you in my home to film for one of your clients.  

You treated my home as if it were your own, tidy, considerate and careful. Thank you for making it totally stress free. Come back anytime!”

Sarah Dickson , Residential Location Owner