Giorgio Locatelli / The taste of Italy


Recently created as part of a series of videos for the Italian Chamber of commerce, who’s job is to promote Italian goods and services.

The brief was to help articulate the difference in quality/taste/provenance regarding food of authentic Italian origin. They wisely chose Michelin Star Chef Giorgio Locatelli to be the voice of this campaign.

Giorgio was an absolute pleasure to work with, his passion, knowledge and professionalism made this a dream job. Oh yes the food was pretty good too.

Here’s another one of the videos we created on location at Locanda Locatelli, this was completely unscripted, Giorgio was simply answering a few leading questions.

An authentic voice is what people want to hear these days.

We also filmed a live event at Icetank to which a number of social influencers were invited to spend an evening with Giorgio, learning about the provenance of several ingredients and why this was important to his cooking.

We created several pieces of video content from this evening, one of which can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Sometimes clients commission video without realising a selection of stills would come in super handy too. We always try to mention this in our response to the brief, however our job is to listen first and then make suggestions.

So the day after the Icetank event we received a request for ‘Photographs’ fortunately as we were filming on the Reds we were able to extract a number of stills from the footage, even thought this was not part of the original brief.

Giorgio also visited Leiths, one of the UK’s premier culinary schools. The Italian chamber of commerce was clever to target the chefs of tomorrow by getting Giorgio to share his vast knowledge with catering students.

To capture this event we created a series of photographs, this required only one person to attend with a stills camera, so our crew sizes really are very flexible and always tuned to the requirements of the brief.

As Giorgio is something of a celebrity, a few of the students even wanted pics with him, and he was happy to oblige.

This is just one of the several videos we created at the Icetank event in London with social Media Influencers. As mentioned earlier we also extracted stills from the footage, some of which can be seen further up the page.

Here’s what our client had to say about the project:

"The videos look fantastic! The message is clear and it perfectly captures the idea of our campaign – thank you very much!"

Verena Caris, Deputy Secretary General, Italian Chamber of Commerce