Bespoke Tailors / Kent & Haste


The power of a portrait……. sometimes the best images are when people least expect it. The guys were messing about thinking Adrian wasn’t paying them too much attention. As a gesture of thanks we enlarged this image to a substantial 1 metre wide print and had it mounted. This now hangs in pride of place at the entrance to their shop and we’re told it’s a great conversation starter.

Terry Haste and John Kent are two of the finest tailors on Londons famous Saville Row, their client list includes several royal families (English and international) and many A list celebrities.

Nonetheless, Kent & Haste remain charmingly down to earth and great fun. We have known these gentlemen for many years and watched the business grow and strengthen.

As part of this journey, we have created visual content to sit on their website and used for a variety of other media related purposes.

A website is an opportunity to show your clients what you do, this small selection of stills has been used throughout the Kent Haste website.

As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words, getting things right with imagery not only positions your brand in the right way but also the content tends to last longer.

It’s a bit like a tailored suit ‘Quality lasts’ bespoke imagery also represents your brand the way you require it to.

At the time of shooting some of the fashion stills for Kent Haste, we also created a behind the scenes film for high end Danish camera company Phase One. We suggested this to both Kent Haste and PhaseOne as the cross brand marketing would be beneficial to both parties, whenever possible we want to help the brands and people we work with.

Here’s what Kent & Haste had to say

“We’ve worked with Adrian and the team for almost a decade and will continue to do so, this says it all really”

Terry Kent, Kent & Haste