Bern Ballet & the Joy of Swiss Weather


Our first photography session with the Bern Ballet in Switzerland didn’t quite go according to plan. Adrian had flown over to scout a variety of locations. However upon returning a few weeks later Bern had received some very early snowfall for the year, therefore rendering it too dangerous to take the dancers outside.

However he still had the background images he created whilst researching several weeks earlier. The decision was made to use the background photo’s and we’d then photograph the dancers in the studio with careful consideration around lighting, camera position and lens choice.

The final results seen here really are seamless, they look like one photograph.

There’s no comping on this image, we created this at the end of the day simply for fun, this is one shot…….

Here’s what our client had to say about the project:

“Fantastic to work with Adrian and his team: great art and wonderful laughs all rolled in to one great session - the result being fabulous images that jump out from the page.“

Cathy Marston, Creative Director, Bern Ballet