Case Study: Intercontinental 200

My Perfect Cousin recently completed the video above for ‘Intercontinental Hotels’. Artist Alexander Hall was commissioned to paint 200 champagne bottles to help celebrate the opening of their 200th hotel, our job was to capture this journey and tell the story. This was our first engagement with Intercontinental and we’re proud to say it’s also been some of their most successful content to date. We assisted in all aspects of this production from conception to sharing our extensive network regarding construction of the final structure, working closely with one of our favourite agencies Way To Blue.

We delivered stills in addition to the video content, this ensured a consistency across all delivered media, this can also save time and money as one team overseas all content creation, a small selection of the stills can be found further down this page. For My Perfect Cousin one of the most critical things in creating these stories is the client experience. When engaging on your behalf with any third party, every aspect of what we do becomes an extension of your brand, as such it remains essential that this interaction is at once enjoyable, relaxed and essentially professional. In every aspect, our job to make your job easier. We really need to get along with everyone, please don’t take our word for it, scroll to the bottom of this page to see some of the client feedback.

As mentioned earlier please also see directly below to view a small selection of stills from this project.

Here’s a sample below of the feedback directly from Intercontinental.

Adrian and Alex – for your endless cheer and patience (despite the testing moments…), enthusiasm and, of course, the fabulous final creative content. I don’t have Ben, Rob and Patrick’s emails but please do also pass on my thanks for being such great company over the long shoot days. (Anisa)

Just watched the video. Fantastic work! Great story, and the final art piece is stunning. Very well done.

I really like the video and the artwork is very unique! I like the idea…in a way it’s ‘modern luxury’ which we focus a lot in messaging.

What a lovely video shown on Merlin today, celebrating InterContinental's 200 hotels achievement!

I love the creative outcome. The video of him making the bottles and telling the story is powerful which achieves a good balance of getting across the messages, without it being a big sales job!

This is amazing! Both brand team and I love the assets (video and images) very much! You have showcase that what PR can do to truly tell the story!

I just watched the latest version of the video they sent back a couple of hours ago and I think it looks great. The filmography is amazing, whoever shot this did a great job.

it’s a great piece of content – interesting and beautiful.

Alex Watson