Atelier 20 / Astro Lighting


To celebrate 20years of Astro lighting they created a limited production run of the iconic Atelier lamp, hence the Atelier 20. This short film was required to show off the simple and elegant form, 20 years on the classic design looks as contemporary today as it did all those years ago. They say style never dates……….

They also say every problem is an opportunity, this was definitely the case when it came to filming for Astro lighting the Atelier 20 lamp.

So what’s the problem ? Mirror like curved surfaces are amongst the hardest things to film from a lighting/technical point of view. Imagine taking a photograph directly into a mirror but needing to avoid your own reflection, whilst remaining square on, now you can see the challenge. Part of the solution is to black out the studio and then only use reflected light back into the polished surfaces, this is reasonably straight forward for a static shot.

However, we wanted to bring movement into this, which meant moving the camera, product, lighting or any combination of these. Fortunately, Adrian our Director of Photography loves this sort of challenge, or opportunity as he says.

We were highly aware of the challenges this filming would entail as such we spent time testing before the actual shooting day. This enabled us to determine the best methods of lighting and camera movement, furthermore it provided a series of images we could use directly in a storyboard. The advantage of this was to give the client a clear idea of the expected outcomes, additionally it provided a solid point of reference for the production.

You can get a sense of the dark studio environment we were working in. Also have a look at the rear shot of one of the lamps and you can someones hands directly in the reflection, this illustrates some of the challenges/opportunities we faced.