Cousins by chance,
friends by choice

We are bonded by a passion for our chosen areas of specialisation, united in focus yet independent in thought.


My Perfect Cousin -London Video Production Company - Adrian Weinbrecht - Director of Photography - Team Photo.jpg

Director of Photography

Adrian has a passion for light and working with people, he's half Australian and half German, this fortunate mix makes him uptight and laid-back. 

He's been playing with light and image capture for over 20 years but confesses he looks much younger.  Linkedin Profile

My Perfect Cousin -London Video Production Company - Alex Watson - Creative Producer - Team Photo.jpg

Creative Producer

Alex has a knack for developing considered and creative responses to problems, this is no doubt helped by 15 years at a senior level in marketing and business operations.

He is a skilful, highly effective leader and communicator.  He aspires to be a minimalist, but ‘things’ get in the way. Linkedin Profile

My Perfect Cousin - London Video Production Company - Lajos Pataki - Director of Post Production - Team Photo.jpg

Director of Post Production

Originally from Hungary, Lajos started life as a TV cameraman, he's worked on many feature films as a colourist thanks to his deep knowledge of colour and grading. Additionally he has a passion for VFX and editing.

Lajos is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of any brief.  Apparently he can juggle too. 

My Perfect Cousin - London Video Production Company - Ben Turner - 1st Assistant Camera - Team Photo.jpg

1st Assistant Camera

Ben is from Birmingham so we don't always understand what he's saying.  Aside from this we really like him and he's a pleasure to have on any set in any location anywhere in the world.  This is largely thanks to his sense of humour and excellent work ethic. 

My Perfect Cousin - London Video Production Company - Gabor Marinkas - Editor - Team Photo.jpg


A master in the edit suite, the only thing he loves more than helping tell  your story, is cooking. Hang on, was it he loves telling stories about cooking?  Or is it that he Loves cooking up stories? Anyway, he’s a great editor and our super chilled cousin.

My Perfect Cousin -London Video Production Company - Rebecca Denton - Conceptual & Storyboard Artist - Team Photo.jpg

Conceptual & Storyboard Artist

Rebecca has proved invaluable helping our clients 'see' more clearly what we are saying.  Constantly doodling, even during this portrait session she was absorbed in sketching.   There's something magical about hand drawn storyboards in this digital age.

My Perfect Cousin - London Video Production Company - Matt Farthing - Social Strategy : Editor : Music Composition - Team Photo.jpg.jpg

Social Strategy / Editor

A total game geek, Matt is smart, quick witted and our cousin  prince of social media and music. He’s also got a secret, Matt worked as a concert violinist for years. Simply, he’s way smarter than he looks.